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Silverstein - Rescue

Their first record since leaving Victory, Silverstein prove they can still write a hit or two...

Posted Thursday, 28 April 2011 in

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Silverstein - Rescue

Rating: 7

Silverstein’s first output since leaving their long-time home of Victory Records is one that comes with few surprises in store. Their scream-a-bit / sing-a-bit / beatdown formula is one well abused, not least by Silverstein themselves, but they do pull it off with more sincerity than the majority of their peers. ‘Rescue’ has the potential to replicate the band’s early success with ‘Intervention’ and ‘The Artist’ sounding like they could easily slot into 05’s second album ‘Discovering The Waterfront’, but overall, this feels a bit dated. Old fans will lap ‘Rescue‘ up (and rightly so), but there’s not much on offer here to entice fresh ears and gain new fans.

Andy Ritchie

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