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Sharks - No Gods

Brit pop rockers Sharks impress on their debut full-length...

Posted Thursday, 8 March 2012 in

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Sharks - No Gods

Rating: 8

Having already shared a stage with Gallows, The Gaslight Anthem and Social Distortion, it’s hard to believe this is the debut full-length from these Leamington Spa lads. Fortunately, it at least justifies the hype. Combining ’70s breakthrough punk with today’s broader definitions of the genre, Sharks have forged a unique sound for themselves that is cemented in place on ‘No Gods’. Opener ‘Til The Wonders Rise’ demonstrates their punk lineage, but the album’s crowning glory is its masterful pop songwriting. Summer jams ‘Able Moving Hearts’ and ‘Luck’ drip with an anthemic joy that most American pop-punks can only dream of achieving.

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