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Saves The Day - Daybreak

Our verdict on the final chapter of STD's three-album concept release...

Posted Monday, 19 September 2011 in

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Saves The Day

Saves The Day - Daybreak

Rating: 7

It can’t be easy being Saves The Day - having written songs that defined the tastes of a lot of 90s / 00s emo fans, they’ll never really escape comparisons to ‘Can’t Slow Down’ and ‘Through Being Cool.’ And that’s not particularly fair, given that songs like ‘1984’, ‘E’ and the album’s extended title track take the catchier parts of their newer material (vocalist Chris Conley’s infamous Beatles influences seem to mesh much better with their punk rock sound here), and then deliver it so tightly and concisely that it would be a total waste to rehash their glory days.

Amy Bangs

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