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Rival Schools - Pedals

10 years on and the band are just as inspired musically.

Posted Monday, 7 March 2011 in

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Rival Schools

Rival Schools - Pedals

Rating: 8

It’s been 10 years since posthardcore heroes Rival Schools’ seminal debut ‘United by Fate’ was released, but any fears of being letdown by the long (and we mean long!) awaited follow-up ‘Pedals’ are instantly evaporated by ‘Wring it Out’. A stunning opener to the album, its dynamic range, gleaming melody and driving anthemic nature exemplify what this band was always all about. Far from being just out for a stroll down memory lane though, the electro stomp of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, the progressive side to ‘69 Guns’ and the soulful maturity of ‘Racing To Red Lights’ show, 10 years on, that the band are still just as inspired musically.

Chris Hidden

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