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P.O.D. - Murdered Love

They're still 'alive'...

Posted Tuesday, 10 July 2012 in

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P.O.D. - Murdered Love

Rating: 6

If you’re over a certain age (say, 25), you’ll probably remember that there was a time when P.O.D. shifted albums by the million. Those days might be long gone, but for better or worse the former Californian kings are not. Whatever your feelings towards the quartet, ‘Murdered Love’ is a perfectly enjoyable and easily digestible slice of rap-metal. Halfway memorable choruses (‘Higher’) and bouncing, groove-laden riffs (‘On Fire’) are the order of the day, and though it can sound dated and in need of a shot in the arm on occasion, the end result is nothing less than genuinely respectable. Haters be damned.

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Ryan Bird

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