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Parkway Drive - Deep Blue

What happens now?

Posted Friday, 25 June 2010 in

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Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue

Rating: 9

So how do you follow a record like ‘Horizons’, a collection of songs that has attracted fans with truly deranged zeal and taken your band from among the promising to the pre-eminent names of your genre? Parkway Drive have chosen to answer that question with ‘Deep Blue’, an album that maintains the immediacy of previous work while gently pushing at the edges of their defi ned musical boundaries. All the big boxes are still ticked as the rasping vocals, crisp riffs and antagonistic breakdowns occupy the same positions in the band’s endearing cacophony of metallic bluster, but in the smaller details Parkway Drive are beginning to fl ex and stretch as they begin to experiment in the shadows of their sound. More organic, less restricted and intriguing in its use of dynamic range, ‘Deep Blue’ provides all the anthems required to keep the fan base devoted with enough room for the occasional deviation or excursions into the metallic wild that may just turn a few new heads in their direction. If Parkway Drive had written a good record their good fortune would have surely continued, but ‘Deep Blue’ is a great record, so what happens now?

Andrew Kelham

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