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Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR

Successful at bringing Jews and Muslims together...

Posted Tuesday, 26 January 2010 in

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Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR

Rating: 8

“…Our photo… portrays a synergy between the three monotheistic religions that believe in the same God and yet, ridiculously, have been killing each other for centuries, turning the holy land into an orphaned land. Naturally, we continued this union on a musical level and the result is, as always, crazy.” Okay, maybe not “crazy”, but this Israeli band’s fourth album is definitely a varied combination of progressive metal / rock and traditional melodies, vocalisation and instrumentation. Nineteen years in and Orphaned Land continue to improve and excel at the synthesis of Middle Eastern and Western sounds. No surprise they’ve been successful at bringing Jews and Muslims together – in metallic celebration, of course.

Kevin Stewart-Panko

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