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Orbs - Asleep Next To Science

The supergroup unleash their debut.

Posted Thursday, 19 August 2010 in

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Orbs - Asleep Next To Science

Rating: 8

The brainchild of restlessly creative minds forever seeking new outlets for their boundless imaginations, Orbs are a progressive supergroup of sorts, but on ‘Asleep Next To Science’ they establish a remarkably cohesive and idiosyncratic sound which belies their status as a band still in its infancy. As sinuous basslines slither around migraine-inducing drums and guitars glide from flesh-lacerating assaults to epic space-rock, a dizzying multitude of keyboard effects inject an otherworldly element which Adam Fisher’s highly disconcerting vocal stylings only serve to compound. Slightly outstaying its welcome at a little over an hour, this is nevertheless a fantastic opening salvo.

Pete Withers

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