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Nils Frahm - The Bells

German composer Nils Frahm is something of a revelation...

Posted Friday, 8 January 2010 in

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Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm - The Bells

Rating: 8

Despite the current proliferation of modern classical artists, this latest offering from German composer Nils Frahm is something of a revelation. Perhaps it’s the improvisatory nature of these solo piano pieces which gives them a fluidity all too often absent from Frahm’s contemporaries, or perhaps it’s just down to the immaculate production work from Peter Broderick, but ‘The Bells’ is a consistently fascinating listen. Possessing a grandeur that never descends into pomposity and a restraint that could never be mistaken for bland aural wallpaper, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful releases you’re likely to hear over the coming months.

Joe Marshall

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