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Monotonix - Not Yet

Ten songs of crude, cave-art proto-metal

Posted Monday, 7 February 2011 in

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Monotonix - Not Yet

Rating: 6

For those who are not familiar with Monotonix, they’re the garage rock band from Israel who are best known for their live sets, in which they play amidst the crowd and climb up / over things that the venue did not intend to be climbed up / over. That leaves this forlorn album reviewer with no visuals nor an earhole full of sweat, instead just 10 songs of crude, cave-art proto-metal and a duty to tell you that actually, Monotonix have a relevance outside of the live context. Or that they don’t. Or the actual state of play, which is that ‘Not Yet’ is decent but not dangerous or earthshaking.

Noel F Gardner

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