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Mono - For My Parents

It's business as usual from good old reliable Mono...

Posted Monday, 3 September 2012 in

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Mono - For My Parents

Rating: 7

By this point, it’s become pretty clear what to expect from a Mono album – certainly, they’re a band who seem intent upon refining a well-established sound, rather than exploring new avenues. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (after all, very few instrumental rock bands are as adept as the Japanese four-piece), recent records have seen the band veer dangerously close to the saccharine. Thankfully – and despite its dubious title – ‘For My Parents’ manages, for the most part, to avoid these pitfalls. Sure, ‘Unseen Harbour’ is bombastic to the point of parody, but the album’s comparatively restrained final track is quietly beautiful.

Joe Marshall

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