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Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence

More betterness from Mixtapes!

Posted Monday, 8 July 2013 in

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Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence

Rating: 7

Around three years ago, Mixtapes must have stumbled across some kind of inexhaustible mine of pop-punk joy, because in returning with a third album in as many years, the Ohio four-piece have cemented their place among the most prolific bands in the business. Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, ‘Ordinary Silence’ is light on gimmicks but big on heart. Cloying acoustic track ‘gravel (interlude)’ notwithstanding, the soft patter of ‘C.C.S.’ and the contagious boy-girl vocal trade-off on ‘Ross (dirty water)’ will soundtrack countless summer nights and prove beyond all doubt that while this band can be called many things, ‘ordinary’ and ‘silent’ are not among them.

Andy Biddulph

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