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Middle Class Rut - No Name No Color

It’s easy to understand their burgeoning popularity

Posted Thursday, 18 November 2010 in

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Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut - No Name No Color

Rating: 7

This debut from Sacramento duo Middle Class Rut was compiled over the course of several years, recorded as it was written in the band’s practice space. While it may have been captured through a somewhat disjointed creative process, though, there’s no sense of ‘No Name No Color’ lacking cohesion. The two-piece’s heady, atmospheric alt-rock is consistently anthemic and stadium-sized in its scope – it’s easy to understand their burgeoning popularity. Things become drab during the Angels & Airwaves-esque snooze fest ‘Are You On Your Way?’, but they more than compensate with the gloriously exuberant likes of ‘USA’ and ‘Sad To Know’.

Tim Newbound

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