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Memphis May Fire - The Hollow

The sophomore full-length from this Dallas five-piece steps it up yet again...

Posted Wednesday, 4 May 2011 in

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Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire - The Hollow

Rating: 8

Capitalising on the momentum created by last year’s excellent EP ‘Between The Lies’, Memphis May Fire return with their sophomore record and a fiery beast it is too. The trademark buzzsaw guitars, grinding breakdowns and Jekyll and Hyde clean-to-scream vocals are all present and, on the likes of ‘The Unfaithful’, are amped up to crushing levels. Equally, the electronic elements that so perfectly permeated last year’s EP are also dialed up a notch here, underpinning the likes of ‘The Abandoned’ and on ‘The Burden’ taking the lead to add an extra layer of dream-like atmosphere. Memphis May Fire are stepping it up with every release.

Chris Hidden

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