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Mariachi El Bronx - (II)

Mariachi outfits at the ready...

Posted Sunday, 11 September 2011 in

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Mariachi El Bronx

Mariachi El Bronx - (II)

Rating: 8

When The Bronx made the transition from punk behemoths to mariachi aficionados two years ago, the only thing more surprising than the decision itself was the quality with which they carried out such a bold and (to some) ridiculous move. As soulful and finely crafted as their debut of sorts, 'II' is a glorious record. Trumpets, violins and gracefully plucked guitarrón once more provide the perfect canvas for Matt Caughthran's bittersweet tales of love, lust and loss; all of which are delivered with a passion and sincerity that only daytime punks could truly muster.

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