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Madina Lake - World War III

They're back from near-tragedy with album number three...

Posted Monday, 12 September 2011 in

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Madina Lake

Madina Lake - World War III

Rating: 7

After an unjust break in their momentum (following the assault and subsequent recovery of bassist Matthew Leone last year), the sheer punch ‘World War III’ packs reaffirms Madina Lake as frontrunners in their scene. It’s noticeably darker than 09s ‘Attics To Eden’, but they’ve strategically kept their arrangements succinct and tight to keep their signature catchiness. There’s a polish in the production that does brush off the grit and edge from songs like ‘They’re Coming For Me’ and ‘Howdy Neighbor!’ but there is also something about the album’s slick sound that makes it an admirable push past adversity into a long-overdue bright future.

Amy Bangs

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