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Lit - The View From The Bottom

Lit are back after a long break. But is the view from the bottom as good as the view from the top?

Posted Thursday, 21 June 2012 in

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Lit - The View From The Bottom

Rating: 6

After peppering the turn of the millennium with some of the biggest hooks in pop-punk, Lit once provided a pre-adolescent soundtrack for virtually an entire generation. After a whopping eight years marred with tragedy and loss, the California stalwarts are back with an album drawing on a decade of highs and lows. Expect polished fare awash with slick harmonies, clean guitars, heavy drumbeats, giant hooks and an unadulterated wall of gleaming pop – much of which is laced with a sense of melancholy. You won’t find anthemic pop songs in the vein of Lit’s former glories, but expect a new generation to start edging towards the dancefloor regardless.

Emily Kearns

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