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letlive. - Fake History

Rock Sound favourites finally release their third album in the UK, and it's been worth the wait...

Posted Monday, 11 April 2011 in

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letlive. - Fake History

Rating: 9

One of the most hotly tipped breakthrough bands for 2011, it’s taken LA quintet letlive. a while to really make their mark. Originally released last April in the States, their third album is now enjoying an official release with three extra tracks, and it’s a frenetic, hugely entertaining and inventive genre mash-up full of punk rock aggression and rock ‘n’ roll swagger that blends inventive chaos with a real ear for melody. Consistently thrilling and invigorating, ‘Fake History’ takes the best bits of everyone from Glassjaw to Deftones and Converge, and this is a phenomenal record that’s worthy of all praise.

Tim Newbound

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