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Jesu - Ascension

Subliminally crushing and psychadelic, 'Ascension' is a stellar effort...

Posted Wednesday, 13 July 2011 in

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Jesu - Ascension

Rating: 9

If you thought the majestic, astral textures and spirit-shifting textures of 09’s ‘Infinity’ were enough to induce a psychedelic experience, then this follow-up is going to rouse you in all the right ways. A more acoustic affair, Justin Broadrick has again been experimenting with new tones via a new-found interest in the acoustic guitar, lending a very different sensory experience to the aptly-titled ‘Ascension’. While tracks such as ‘Broken Home’ still deliver the crushing might (albeit in a more subliminal fashion) to his other outfit, the recently resurrected Godflesh, there’s a sense of hope in the levitation-inducing riffery. Stellar.


Ronnie Kerswell

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