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In This Moment - A Star Crossed Wasteland

Maria Brink's back with lots of screams. What else do you need to know?

Posted Wednesday, 14 July 2010 in

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In This Moment

In This Moment - A Star Crossed Wasteland

Rating: 7

Lying somewhere between Arch Enemy on a camomile tea venture and a pissed off Paramore, In This Moment may well be onto something on their third full-length. Ballsy frontwoman Maria Brink seems to have all bases covered, along with her competent cohorts – and the result is rather intoxicating. Their latest full-length mixes up metalcore savagery with some quite awesome chapters of neck-hair tugging melody, and it’s infectious. Tracks such as ‘The Promise’ (aptly named) reek of a band with credibility but with commercial pull, and this, their best album to date, may well prove to be a surprise package in 2010.

Jim Burt

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