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Grails - Deep Politics

Churning synths to starkly impressive effect. Stunning.

Posted Wednesday, 9 March 2011 in

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Grails - Deep Politics

Rating: 8

The first full-length in three years for the prodigious Portland post-rock quartet sees them shift their sonic terrain once more, turning down the heaviosity evident on ‘Doomsdayer’s Holiday’ in favour of a more desolate cinematic vibe, albeit in keeping with the band’s transcendental psychedelic vibe. Mixing hypnotic Middle Eastern flourishes and moments of Floydian acoustic beauty, the title track has a string arrangement by (Timba Harris) that wouldn’t seem out of place in a 70s Italian thriller, while the meditative ‘I Led Three Lives’ throws Spaghetti Western twang against darkly churning synths to starkly impressive effect. Stunning.

Neil Gardner

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