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Go Radio - Close The Distance

Album number two in as many years just misses the mark...

Posted Tuesday, 16 October 2012 in

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Go Radio

Go Radio - Close The Distance

Rating: 6

In some ways, things are moving quickly in the Go Radio camp (this is their second full-length in as many years), but in others, it’s very much business as usual. Jason Lancaster’s voice is again the focal point, draping itself across a background of super-American piano rock, and it’s in the gentler moments of ‘What If You Don’t and ‘Baltimore’ where GR really excel. However, the musical composure of ‘Go To Hell’ and ‘The Ending’ feel rather rushed, sounding more like a band with a deadline to meet than anything else. The singles here will surely make massive dents on radio airwaves the other side of the Atlantic, but as a whole, ‘Close The Distance’ is a touch lacking for our ears.

Andy Ritchie

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