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Flogging Molly - Speed Of Darkness

Gone are the rabble-rousing drunken lullabies of old...

Posted Tuesday, 31 May 2011 in

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Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly - Speed Of Darkness

Rating: 5

The words ‘stable door‘, ‘horse‘ and ‘bolted‘ (not to mention serious feelings of trepidation) come to mind when contemplating the fact that Flogging Molly, those oh-so-reliable Guinness-guzzling, fun-loving Celtic punkers, have written an album of “modern American protest songs”. Lead single ‘Don’t Shut ‘Em Down’ is a middle-of-the-road pop song at best, a far cry from those rabble-rousing drunken lullabies of old. Frontman Dave King’s vocal approach now presents itself as one of jaded disinterest, the defiant cries replaced by a sense of wistful reminiscence. Grown up quicker than their audience or running out of ideas? You decide.

Oli Robertson

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