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Fear Factory - Mechanize

An intoxicating chemistry that’s going to leave jaws simply agape...

Posted Saturday, 6 February 2010 in

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Fear Factory

Fear Factory - Mechanize

Rating: 8

To encapsulate the anticipation of Fear Factory’s welcome return is a tricky task. Having been starved for some seven years (kind of), fans will no doubt be tearing down walls to get a mere taste of what the new line-up has produced. Fortunately they can be safe in the knowledge that this new offering ain’t no quick fix fast food, instead it’s a gut-busting three courses with a doggy bag for later. Instantly apparent are the dazzling precision drums of Gene Hoglan, who drives the band onwards to unaccustomed new heights, pushing Dino Cazares’ guitar work to fresh levels with some of the most brutally intense riffs of his career. Twinned with the solid bass work of Byron Stroud it makes for an intoxicating chemistry that’s going to leave jaws simply agape, it’s that good. Burton C. Bell is also in predictably great form, barking out his thought-provoking angst with assured power, while lifting proceedings further with his trademark soaring vocal melodies. Perhaps not as instantly appealing as some of their most loved material, ‘Mechanize’ is without doubt their heaviest and most powerful, and considering the stark, foreboding lyrical subject matter it seems totally relevant that it should be. A truly emphatic return.

Jim Burt

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