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Fang Island - Major

This album is stunning. Here's why.

Posted Friday, 20 July 2012 in

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Fang Island

Fang Island - Major

Rating: 9

In their move from the world’s most life-affirming and positive sounding instrumental band (seriously, they describe their music as “the sound of everyone high-fiving”) to the world’s most life-affirming and positive sounding prog band, Fang Island have added layers upon layers to the mix. Pianos, percussion and a three-pronged vocal massage join the customary guitar melodies that are designed to put a smile on all corners of angst-ridden humanity. If world leaders, corporate douche-monkeys and the 1 per cent could just hear Fang Island, there would be no war, inequality or bad vibes. Just smiles and better sex.

Kevin Stewart-Panko

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