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Errors - Come Down With Me

Dance those winter blues away...

Posted Sunday, 14 February 2010 in

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Errors - Come Down With Me

Rating: 9

Dance those winter blues away. Glasgow’s finest nerdtronica – in the sense they’re slavishly dedicated to unveiling ever-intricate ways to make us shake a leg – quartet have returned with a second album that takes the charm of their debut and cranks up the rave factor. ‘Supertribe’ is an irresistibly bouncy trip through three decades of electronic music while ‘Sorry About The Mess’ lets the Mogwai influence bubble carefully to the surface, and threaded throughout ‘Come Down...’ is an attention to detail that makes the drops heavier, as on the pummelling ‘A Rumour In Africa’, and the post-rock soundscapes much, er, soundscapier. A phenomenally fun record.

Ben Patashnik

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