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Disturbed - Asylum

The fifth album from the Chicago metalers is as hard-hitting as ever...

Posted Monday, 23 August 2010 in

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Disturbed - Asylum

Rating: 7

For a man so supposedly bemused by his oft-referenced ‘Mad‘ moniker, you’d imagine that David Draiman could rest upon subtler album titles than ‘Asylum’, but then Disturbed have never been the most subtle of metal bands. The fifth studio album from nu metal’s most unexpected survivors is more of the same, with Dan Donegan’s super-chuggy guitar work complimenting our Dave’s Hetfield-esque “eyah, eyah, eeeeyeaaaaaah”s, and the occasional surprise (some slightly off-tempo shredding making ‘Crucified’ noteworthy) providing a highlight or two. ‘Asylum’ won’t set the world alight, but it’s certainly not monotonous enough to send anyone to the madhouse.

Merlin Alderslade

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