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Daylight - Jar

After a long list of EPs, Daylight deliver on their first full-length...

Posted Wednesday, 15 May 2013 in

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Daylight - Jar

Rating: 8

As one of the lesser known bands in the upwelling of basement emo punk the last few years have seen, Daylight have really delivered with their debut full-length (after a list of EPs longer than your arm). With cover art immediately evoking ‘90s staples like ‘Siamese Dream’ and ‘Slip’, the music contained within does exactly what its cover suggests – stomp boxes and overdriven Fenders paired with that modern sense of despair so perfected by Pennsylvanian punk bands is on full display. Opener ‘Sponge’ leads off the cracking first half before a handful of (even) more introspective numbers add the expected emotional weight. Wicked.

Sarah O’Connor

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