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Dananananaykroyd - There Is A Way

Fight pop you say? We'll take it...

Posted Monday, 13 June 2011 in

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Dananananaykroyd - There Is A Way

Rating: 8

Well, doesn’t Ross Robinson get about these days? Fresh from bashing out the latest street-level banger from rap supremo Hyro Da Hero, here he is again, manning the controls for the infinitely less ghetto Dananananaykroyd. Thankfully, this superficially bizarre pairing makes perfect sense the minute album opener ‘Reboot’ cruises into high gear in a flurry of razor-sharp drumming, deliciously hypnotic guitar phrasing, and those alternately frantic / anthemic dual vocals, before lobbing in a fat old riff and screaming itself hoarse. What Robinson brings to the table, you see, is feeling. So, whilst to all intents and purposes Dananananaykroyd are an indie-rock band with garage punk leanings, they manage to bring genuine emotional depth to what can so often be a vapid melding of genres which prioritises style over substance. It helps that they’re packing an arsenal of dance floor detonators like the appropriately-named ‘E Numbers’, of course, but the Glaswegians’ real USP is the way in which they inject everything they do with equal levels of joyous celebration and outright aggression, conjuring up a uniquely delirious sound throughout this disconcertingly unpredictable, but never less than utterly delightful release. ‘Fight pop’, you say? We’ll take it.

Pete Withers

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