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Cuba Cuba - Where Else Is Safe But The Road?

Cuba Cuba's debut is a cheery slice of indie-pop that marks them as ones to watch...

Posted Tuesday, 21 June 2011 in

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Cuba Cuba

Cuba Cuba - Where Else Is Safe But The Road?

Rating: 7

You can imagine that the songs on Cuba Cuba’s debut album sound stronger live than in the studio. Here, their skittish beats and lush vocal melodies are a little too restrained to take flight, the rhythm section subdued. But there’s no denying the craft at work, especially on the soaring pop anthems ‘Golden Grounds’ and ‘Home Is The Fire’, which combine indie guitars with euphoric synths, and end up sounding like a jam session between The Wombats, Foals and Friendly Fires. A promising album of cheery indie-pop, this debut marks the Welsh five-piece out as ones to watch.

Mike Haydock

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