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Blessthefall - Hollow Bodies

Basically, we have to tell you how good this album is...

Posted Tuesday, 13 August 2013 in

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Blessthefall - Hollow Bodies

Rating: 9

Blessthefall’s time as also-rans is over. The Arizonans have made good on their promise to become one of the best metalcore bands in the world on album four, with the Bring Me The Horizon-esque atmospherics on ‘The Sound Of Starting Over’ and the sheer brutality of the pounding ‘Youngbloods’ creating a perfect marriage of electronica and metalcore. Speaking of matrimony, wife of frontman Beau Bokan and electro-pop singer Lights puts in an accomplished turn on blockbusting closer ‘Open Water’ in the pick of a clutch of cameos that only add to the feeling that this isn’t a simple step up, this is the album that will define their career.

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Andy Biddulph

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