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Bleeding Through - The Great Fire

Another decent effort from the OC metallers...

Posted Wednesday, 22 February 2012 in

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Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through - The Great Fire

Rating: 7

You want true grit? Look no further than Bleeding Through, a band who’ve endured a succession of events that’d bury many, but continue to go from strength to strength. ‘The Great Fire’ is another dose of the OC outfit’s venomous hardcore / extreme metal hybrid, and it’s filler-free: from the Slayer-esque intro through to the redemptive, bone-rattling closer ‘Back To Life’, not a second’s wasted. The Hammer Horror synths still jar at times and there are few surprises for long-time fans, but aside from that this is, like its self-titled predecessor, an impressive effort. The band who just won’t die march on.

Rob Sayce

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