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Black Label Society - Order Of The Black

Album number eight and BLS show no signs of slowing down

Posted Monday, 30 August 2010 in

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Black Label Society

Black Label Society - Order Of The Black

Rating: 8

There appears to be no stopping the blues-swilling behemoth that is BLS, and with a rare permanence Mr Wielandt and his cohorts return for studio album number eight. As soon as the sleazy, slinky riffs of opener ‘Crazy Horse’ stagger in you can only sit back and admire the band’s consistence. This 13-tracker is littered with dirty, groovy little gems, the picks being ‘Parade Of The Dead’, ‘Black Sunday’ and ‘Godspeed Hell Bound’ (featuring some exemplary guitar work that we’ve all come to expect from Zakk), and numerous, joyous, neck-jarring riffs. Mr Wylde is onto another grininducing winner here and long may it continue.

Jim Burt

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