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Big Business - Quadruple Single

Big Business are still anything but a typical rock band...

Posted Sunday, 24 July 2011 in

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Big Business

Big Business - Quadruple Single

Rating: 7

Anyone thinking the addition of a second axeman might place Big Business in ‘typical’ rock band territory still has a lot to learn. First of all, said guitar wrangler is Scott Martin of Crom infamy (check out their magnificent ‘Cocaine Wars’ odyssey or die a pathetic loser...) and, duh, second of all this is Big Business we’re talking about. It’s still heavy, still weird and Jared Warren still sounds like a water buffalo gargling turpentine, and while there might just be four tracks to be had they’re still more kingly than 99 per cent of whatever else is calling itself ‘rock’ music these days.

Alex Deller

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