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Bad Books - II

What do you get when you cross KevDev with MancOrc? This lot, that's what...

Posted Sunday, 14 October 2012 in

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Bad Books

Bad Books - II

Rating: 7

Fusing together members of Manchester Orchestra and singer / songwriter Kevin Devine, Bad Books’ second album has a wealth of indie rock expertise to draw upon. However, where their respective band and solo material trades in emotionally-charged upbeat music, the more energetic songs on this record (see ‘Forest Whitaker’ and ‘No Sides’) seem insincere, and a little over-embellished with instrumentation. But stripping down the arrangements in ‘Pytor’ and ‘421’ allows their talents to truly merge. With beautifully harmonised vocals sitting alongside pared-down guitar lines, their lyrical themes of love and loss will hit nerves you never knew you had.

Amy Bangs

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