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Attack Attack! - Attack Attack!

Results are a little mixed...

Posted Saturday, 3 July 2010 in

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Attack! Attack!

Attack Attack! - Attack Attack!

Rating: 6

Ironically, the most successful tracks on Ohio-spawned metalcore / electro-pop quintet Attack Attack!’s sophomore effort are the ones where the electronic elements are to the fore. The potentially chart-bothering sparkly disco-pop of the likes of ‘Shut Your Mouth’ and ‘AC-130’ offer a refreshing diversion from the textbook set of belligerent riffs and breakdowns seen on the likes of ‘Renob, Nevada’. There are moments when the musical mash-up works well in the context of a single song (‘A For Andrew’) however and, overall, Attack Attack! should be encouraged for seeking to reinvent the hitherto deeply stale metalcore genre, even if their particular results are a little mixed.

Chris Hidden

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