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65daysofstatic - Wild Light

"A journey of unimaginable scope and vision."

Posted Tuesday, 1 October 2013 in

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65 Days Of Static

65daysofstatic - Wild Light

Rating: 9

From beyond the ceaseless white noise of day-to-day existence, 65daysofstatic transport you to another world, another realm, where the abstract becomes commonplace and the ethereal becomes tangible. As you’re absorbed into the all-encompassing, warm, genuflecting glow of ‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’, your mind is awoken to hitherto undiscovered plains of mental existence, as you voyage on a journey of unimaginable scope and vision. Short of any psychotropic assistance, ‘Wild Light’ is a credible substitute for nirvana, demanding you suspend your disbelief and just jump in feet first, setting yourself free from all corporeal existence. Your mind will thank you later.

Giles Moorhouse

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