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Vocalist Colin Jeffs Permanently Parts Ways With Aversions Crown

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler 2 hours ago

What is it with all these vocalists leaving bands this week? NO ONE IS SAFE.

Australian deathcore / alien enthusiasts Aversions Crown released a statement on their Facebook page this morning announcing that touring stand-in vocalist Mark Poida will be taking the reins full-time from original frontman Colin Jeffs:

It reads: "Please welcome Mark Poida to the mic who will be stepping up to fill Colin's very big shoes. If you've seen us this year in Australia or Europe, you'll know that Mark has a huge voice and will be crushing it for us moving forward. Cheers Colin for all the good times!" 

Definitely one of the more amicable partings we've seen over the last week or so, that's for sure.

Ex-vocalist Colin Jeffs also released a statement explaining his reasons behind his departure, after having been absent from the stage during the band's recent Australian and UK tours with Within the Ruins and I Declare War

"Friends, unfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with Aversions Crown. This is a difficult call for me to make but a necessary one. The band has been my sole focus for the past 5 years and whilst it has been an amazing experience it has also been a very draining one. i've reached a point in my life where this band is just not what i want to focus on anymore and feel as though if I can't put 100% of my heart into this i shouldn't be doing it at all, this decision is not linked to me being absent from the current tour or my recent vocal scare, its something i had comes to terms with before these events. Thanks to everyone who has ever supported what i do in any way, its been real. Peace."​ 

Aversions Crown are currently halfway through their European tour, and their second album 'Tyrant' is available now through iTunes

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