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Angels & Airwaves Are Releasing An Animated Film In December

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Rock Sound about 45 minutes ago

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker will accompany the release of the band's new album, err, 'The Dream Walker' this December.

That up there is the trailer for the forthcoming film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. The film, created by Angels & Airwaves to accompany the release of their new album and is set to premiere at the Toronto International Short Film Festival next month, and will the be released upon the internet of December 09.

Accompanying the video on YouTube is this sort-of-synopsis of what to expect from the animated short film:

"The Dream World is an alternate universe created by humankind’s shared unconscious thoughts. When Poet Anderson journeys deep into this world, he meets his own Dream Walker, a mysterious guardian angel who leads Poet to confront his demons and his destiny.

Everything else you need to know about 'The Dream Walker' (the album, not the film) is over at this link

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