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Have You Heard Of Jeroan Drive? If You Like Refused, Blood Command And Being Angry, You’ll Love ‘Em.

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Rock Sound 57 minutes ago

From one of the brains behind Norweigan punks Blood Command comes Jeroan Drive...

It's no secret that we here at Rock Sound love Blood Command - their high-octane punk sound has soundtracked many a deadline, and their live show is second to none. So when the brains behind a band we know and love comes out with a new (old) project, we're more than happy to dive in headfirst.

Here's how the story goes: Blood Command guitarist Yngve Andersen was in another band before Blood Command called Jeroan Drive, but it sort of fell apart. The good news, is he's managed to put it back together again and they've just released their debut self-titled album. Here's a little background from the man himself:

"Back in 2008, Jeroan Drive was in ashes after drummer Ruben Nesse and Simon Oliver Økland left the band to focus on other things. No motivation were to be found as Jeroan Drive could play no live shows without members and this was a band that had toured squats in europe 9 tranzillion times before they were even old enough to buy cigarettes. I therefore started Blood Command to serve as a side-project as long as Jeroan Drive was defunct and in search for new members. One year went by and I recruited Sigurd Haakaas (Blood Command, Girl Army) to do the drum duties and Remi Arefjord (Social Suicide) to lead the bass. Recordings and writing for a new album started but because of all the touring and success of Blood Command and Social Suicide, we could never find time to finish anything. So they used a day here and a day there over the last five(!) years to write, record and mix what has become this album. 'Jeroan Drive' was written on the road, on early mornings, dark nights and sporadic rehearsals."

Intrigued? You should be. Give 'Jeroan Drive' a spin below and let them know if you approve on Facebook or Twitter.


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