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This Is Not The News (Let’s Not Even Pretend It Is): All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

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Rock Sound 14 hours ago

In case you hadn't noticed, we unveiled our brand new issue this week. Here are some other things that you might not have seen, but made us laugh anyway.

The Pop-Punk's Not Dead tour gang of New Found Glory, State Champs and Candy Hearts went for a Thanksgiving Nando's. It was probably (not) just like being at home.


Joshua Moore from We Came As Romans has a really angry cat.


I am thankful for the best cat in the world.

A photo posted by @awesomejoshua on


Telle from The Word Alive's pooch Colby didn't exactly hit it off with Our Last Night vocalist Trevor Wentworth.

We can feel the indifference from here.


And speaking of dogs, The Swellers frontman Nick Diener's dog Bo pulled this face.


Very photogenic shots of my fat faced dog named Bo. #piperandbo

A photo posted by Nick Diener (@nickdiener) on


Neck Deep's Ben Barlow made his mother proud.


We discovered that Fronz of Attila fame's cat Carl now has an Instagram account. It has gems like this.


Just hanging around

A photo posted by Carl Sphynx (@carlthesphynx) on


It looks like Palm Reader have been following a Foster's lorry around the country. (i.e. touring the proper way)  


We Are The In Crowd's Mike Ferri made a startling confession.


Elsewhere in toilet news, Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria posed one of life's ultimate questions.


And again. It's just been one of those weeks for Mallory Knox's Dave Rawling, too.


Here is a photo of A Day To Remember's Josh Woodward and photographer Adam Elmakias outside Buckingham Palace. Just because. 


Finally, Joe James from Blitz Kids suffered from a problem we all have from time to time: the poor lad just can't even.


And that's your lot for this week. If the mood takes you this weekend, maybe order one of these? Nice one. Issue 195 of Rock Sound will be in all good UK stores on Wednesday, December 03.

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