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Funeral For A Friend Vocalist Matt Davies-Kreye’s Cat Needs Your Help

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Matt Davies-Kreye's mog is poorly, and Edward The Cat needs your help. Feeling generous? Read on...

Being the lovely people that they are, the Funeral For A Friend man and his wife took in a stray cat, called him Edward and took him to the vets. All wasn't well, though. The poor chap has been in and out of intensive care, and as Matt explains, the vets are still trying to find out exactly what's wrong with him. All money donated to this Indiegogo campaign will go towards funding Eddy's medical care and getting him back to full health and pain-free.

He posted the following on his blog:

"My dearest friends and followers,

Some of you may have followed the story of Eddy the cat I’ve been posting about over the last few weeks. Well, Edward is a wonderful stray my wife and I took in only to discover he had a life threatening condition. He’s currently at Bristol Vet Hospital undergoing an extensive operation and treatment but his recovery has been an extreme roller coaster ride and he needs your help!

You can read more about his story and (if you can) help him out by following the link. 

If you could share this around both my wife, myself and Eddy would greatly appreciate it. 

Much love,

Matt x"

Got a couple of quid to spare? You know what to do.

A little more on what the Davies-Kreyes have been up to...
"My wife and I have been trying help our local stray cat population as much as we can over the past few years, setting up feeding stations and where possible taking them in to get them neutered at our local vet. We've fostered a number of cats over the past few years and are dedicated to finding good and loving homes for all the cats that come to us. We have 6 amazing rescue cats of our own as well as 2 beautiful rescue rabbits so our hands are always full, yet we wouldn't have it any other way."

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