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Mark Hoppus Is On The McBusted Album, So Here Are The Blink-182 Man’s Finest Guest Appearances

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We've done the maths: adding Mark Hoppus makes any given song 72% better.

The Blink-182 man appears on 'Hate Your Guts', which is taken from McBusted's self-titled debut album, out on December 02. Thinking about it, Mark Hoppus popped up on loads of stuff before, Like...

...this early Tonight Alive track, 'Thank You & Goodnight'.

He sits on a sofa when guesting on Simple Plan's hit 'I'd Do Anything'. He sits on it good.

The bassist even popped up on a track by Blink bandmante Tom DeLonge's side-project, Boxcar Racer.

Motion City Soundtrack enlisted their fellow pop-punk stalwart for a spot of guest vocals on 2005's 'Hangman', and it sounded like this.

Everything got a bit melodramatic on MxPx song 'Empire', which featured on an album inspired by The Passion Of Christ and - of course - featured big Mark Hoppus.

He's mellowed out in recent years, though, and appeared on this Owl City jam 'Dementia'.

And just because, here he is ribbing Pete Wentz and All Time Low in the latter band's video for 'Weightless'.

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