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Reading + Leeds Saturday Review: Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, PVRIS + More

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 2 hours ago

Reading & Leeds Festival. Day two. BMTH, PTV, Alexisonfire and more. Let's do this.

1855: Who loves Alexisonfire? WE ALL LOVE ALEXISONFIRE. Check photos of their heroic comeback here.

1845: ...and that's why.

1820: Turns out people quite like our cover stars...

1740: We have a great big gallery of Pierce The Veil's Reading & Leeds debut online here. Don't they look pleased?

1705: This. So much this.

1630: Pierce The Veil have taken a while to make their Reading & Leeds bow, but Gav Lloyd reckon it's been worth the wait...
"It's good to see guitarist Tony Perry back where he belongs after his bike crash and absence from the band this summer. His bandmates are clearly thrilled to have him back, and proceed to play a high-octane set that has the crowd losing their minds throughout. As bassist Jaime Preciado spins around the stage and frontman Vic Fuentes embraces his naughty rock star side by smashing his guitar to bits, this is PTV at their best. Vic sums it up quite nicely before a triumphant closer of 'King For A Day' by thanking the crowd for the 'biggest and craziest' show they've ever played. Today was exactly that."

1540: It's lovely when people in bands are lovely.

1510: Okay, who's going to give As It Is the bad news?


Alright, who's going to give @asitisofficial the bad news?

A video posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

1440: Yep, sounds like Marmozets were bloody wonderful on the main stage a little earlier. Here's David McLaughlin's take:
"It's hard not to swell with pride watching Marmozets up on the Reading main stage. Clearly a little overawed at the prospect at first, they soon find their feet with a boisterous opener of 'Move, Shake, Hide'. They sound and feel like a band built for the biggest stages. And when you consider where they started and how <<strange>> a band they are, that really shouldn't be possible.

'Captivate You' doesn't so much as tug at the heartstrings as grab them, twist them round your neck and squeeze until you're nothing but a blubbering mess and this is a performance is so full of charm, swagger and style it's 'Little Marmozets' no more. The Bingley gang came of age today. They're the real deal now."

1425: It was a spirited showing from Nothing But Thieves earlier. you see what we did there?

1355: Also having a great day right now: Marmozets.

1330: And this also happened. Check out our full gallery Babymetal's main stage assault.

1310: This happened.

1230: The Mini Band opened up The Pit this morning. Metallikids? Kid Rock? We're not sure what to call it, but photos are here.

1205: There we go.

1150: Ten minutes.

1130: Well, then...

While we wait for Saturday to properly kick off, why not take a walk through yesterday's highlights? There was...

A sparkling Panic! At The Disco set...

...and how about those All Time Low boys? Their main stage slot was *this* big.

And even aside from those two, we hung out with Echosmith backstage, grabbed photos of Neck DeepLimp Bizkit, New Found GloryDon Broco and more.

You can check them all right here.

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