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This Video Of Bruce Dickinson Flying A Plane Is The Most Badass Thing You’ll See Today

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Rock Sound about 5 hours ago

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson took part in a 12-minute, nine-plane air display at Sonisphere earlier this month with The Great War Display Team. Here's why it ruled...

1. First off, the whole thing was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
Makes everything else seem a little insignificant, no?

2. Bruce Dickinson looked like this while the whole thing was going on.
Just look at him! This is the frontman of one of the biggest metal bands in the world. In an aviator hat and goggles. Brilliant.

3. All of these people stopped what they were doing to watch.
Yep, Bruce Dickinson and eight of his mates made an entire festival crowd stop and look up.

4. He had a lovely view.
The advantage of flying over a festival in the countryside? Being able to gawp at the festival and the countryside below you. Nice.

5. ...Did we mention he was flying a really old plane above a festival?!
This man has huuuuge balls.

6. He landed, then smashed his band's headline set that night.
What an absolute hero.

And here's the video of the whole thing. Unbelievable.

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