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This Is Certainly Not The News: All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

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Rock Sound 6 hours ago

Things have happened this week. Important things, like Bring Me The Horizon releasing a new song and the supports being announced for the Rock Sound Christmas Ball. Some quite funny, incredibly unimportant stuff happened too. Like this lot.

For a start, All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth made a very noble offer.

Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory stole Tay We Are The In Crowd's jacket. It didn't fit him. It didn't fit him at all.


Fat guy in a little coat? @tayjardine coat!

A photo posted by Chad Gilbert (@xchadballx) on

Slaves (US) vocalist Jonny Craig showed that's he's really quite self-aware.

It didn't happen this week, but we stumbled across this picture of Telle The Word Alive's pooch, Colby. JUST LOOK.


Anyone wanna hang out this weekend? ��

A photo posted by Colby Jack (@colbythefrenchie) on

The Blackout vocalist Sean Smith said something we were all thinking.

Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria fame got very Danny Worsnop.

And I Killed The Prom Queen chap Jona Weinhofen went full Jona Weinhofen.

Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani waved a knife around. We're still not quite sure why.

Kids In Glass Houses reminded us that the end is coming really, really soon. :(



A photo posted by @kidsinglasshouses on

Zac Man Overboard says the nicest things sometimes.

And Decade's Harry Norton had a pretty shitty day.

Whatever you do this weekend, don't do what Harry did. Maybe grab the latest issue of our magazine instead and stay out of trouble? Yeah, you should probably do that.

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