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It’s Not A New Biffy Clyro Album, But It’ll Do

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Rock Sound 9 hours ago

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro have released an album of B-sides, entitled 'Similarities'.

This 16-track album features B-sides taken from the singles off their most recent album, 'Opposites' as well as the previously unreleased track 'Children's Limbs'. 

Here's the artwork...

And the tracklisting looks as follows:

1. The Rain 
2. Thundermonster 
3. Milky 
4. Fingerhut 
5. Watch 
6. Euphoria 
7. City Of Dreadful Night 
8. Sorry And Thanks 
9. A Tragic World Record 
10. Wooden Souvenir 
11. Feverish 
12. A Lonely Crowd 
13. Fingers And Toes 
14. No I'm Not Down 
15. Break A Butterfly On A Wheel 
16. Children's Limbs

You can order 'Similarities' now over at this link

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