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Slam Dunk Festival: Live Updates From South

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 3 hours ago

Slam Dunk South. All of the bands. All of the coverage.

2250: Architects just headlined the Monster Stage. Architects just obliterated the Monster Stage.

"With their biggest headline shows and arguably their finest album already in the bag, Architects' headline set tonight feels like the end of a truly remarkable chapter. With easily the Monster stage's biggest audience of the day before them, tonight the Brighton crew are completely and utterly unstoppable. With The Xcerts frontman Murray Macleod appearing for a stunning rendition of 'Youth Is Wasted On The Young' and Bury Tomorrow's Dani Winter-Bates adding even more bite to a furious 'Early Grave', their set tonight is as unique as it is truly defining. Over an hour of chaos we're left in little doubt that while the last year or so may have seen Architects reborn, they're only just learning to walk. And that makes what should come next truly, truly remarkable."

2204: Meanwhile, at The Wonder Years...

2150: David McLaughlin likes Moose Blood. He likes them a lot.
"Tonight in Hatfield and last night in Leeds it felt like the beginning of something special with this band. Every single word booms around the room, from every single voice. Every single song sounds and feels like it's absolutely bloody vital. Looking around at the faces of the fans as they become the choir on 'Pups', 'Gum' or 'Bukowski' it seems like that feeling is mutual. "This actually makes me feel really fucking happy" says frontman Eddie Brewerton as he introduces 'I Hope You're Miserable'. Same, bro. Same."

2130: This is a gallery of Don Broco doing Don Broco things.

2125: This is what a While She Sleeps wall of death looks like.


This is how @whileshesleeps do a wall of death.

A video posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

1930: David McLaughlin just got back from Don Broco, and he's feeling a little conflicted.
"It's a tough spot for Don Broco, this. Achingly close to finally releasing their new album 'Automatic', the temptation to show it off to the world must be incredible. The thing is, no one else knows the songs yet. It's admirable how much faith they put in what they've come up with that they play a whole bunch of them anyway, but for now it's still all about the saucy nonsense of 'Hold On', doing The Walk along to 'Priorities' and the knowing, nudge-wink metal and still loads of fun 'Thug Workout'. This time next year though, Broco will have audiences in the palms of their hands again."

1840: And how about Bury Tomorrow, eh? Mosh much? Gallery is here.

1815: Here's part one of a mosh double bill. Thy Art Is Murder gallery, anyone?

1740: Well, it's going off for Bury Tomorrow. Here's what Editor Ryan Bird made of their set.
"By the time 'Knight Life' arrives just two songs deep security are already scrambling to catch a sea of crowd surfers, while BT vocalist Dani Winter-Bates encourages "anybody brave enough" to kneel down in the middle of a potentially lethal circle pit. With the crowd a bouncing, heaving mass of broken torsos for the duration, particularly during a monolithic 'Sceptres', today is further proof that Britain has fewer better festival bands in its arsenal than Bury Tomorrow."

1635: Thy Art Is Murder there, stating the obvious.

1615: RS Deputy Ed. David McLaughlin just got back from Beartooth. And they were great, apparently.

"There's intense and then there's <<Beartooth>> intense. The five-piece are on point from the first note as Caleb works himself into a fascinating frenzy of confessional fury. And yet moments like 'In Between' bring a party vibe perfect for the festival setting. When This Wild Life man Kevin Jordan joins them for the explosive finale of 'Bodybag', that's the abiding memory, despite all the deep, heavy darkness at the heart of it all."

1600: Those Lower Than Atlantis chaps have a message for you...


Listen to @ltamusic.

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1530: Cody Set It Off standing on the crowd. Of course. Full gallery is here.

1520: Beartooth on the main stage. Complete and utter pandemonium.


A few people decided to do a mosh for @beartoothband

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

1450: !!! You Me At Six's Josh Franceschi just came onstage to sing with PVRIS. We repeat: !!!

1405: Gav Lloyd just got back from Set It Off. Here's what he made of it all...

"There are some ominous looking grey clouds hanging over Hatfield today, but if anything is going to chase them away it's going to be the sunshine vibes Set It Off are pumping out on the main stage. The likes of 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing' and 'Why Worry' are so infectious they could cause the most miserable of punters to spontaneously burst into dance."

1345: You Me At Six hit Leeds Millennium Square last night. It looked like this.

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