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This Is Not The News (It’s Not Even Close, tbh): All The Small Stuff You Missed This Week

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 27 February at 18.00

Some important things happened this week. You can read about none of those things here.

Most importantly, we saw two separate animals wear party hats. First there was Tigers Jaw's snake...

...and then there was NTN favourite Colby (who belongs to Telle The Word Alive), who turned four this week. Many happy returns.

We also learned how All Time Low kill time on tour a few days back. Jenga is rock and roll, right? No? Okay then. *packs Jenga set away*

Speaking of All Time Low, Soupy from The Wonder Years caught these guys having a *great* time watching the ATL guys while waiting for Marilyn Manson to turn up at Soundwave.


The world's least pleased Marilyn Manson fans watching All Time Low kill it.

A video posted by Dan Campbell (@broompeople) on

*they did not have a great time

Elsewhere at Soundwave, Ronnie and Craig buried the hatchet again.


@craigmabbitt and I bury the hatchet down under.

A photo posted by Ronnie Radke (@ronnieradke) on

Nick from The Swellers was *this* close to convincing us that King 810 aren't the scariest men on the planet.

Joe from Forever Came Calling made best F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with Courteney Cox.

Oh, and Jono from Blitz Kids shaved off his beard. It's probably the most non-newsy thing to ever feature in Not The News, but he buried his former face fuzz in a Morrisons bag. Which was kind of brilliant.


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