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Album Of The Year Countdown: Number 3

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 15 December at 16.24

'World Record', what stepping up in 2011 sounds like. Thank you Lower Than Atlantis!


Making a huge leap from last year’s also-ace ‘Far Q’, ‘World Record’ is a faultless marriage of engaging musicianship and Mike Duce’s authentic account of the turmoil of youth. Incredible.

“It was a big of a gamble, because we wrote something we wanted to hear," he admits in the latest issue. "But we thought we’d alienate all the people who liked all the fast-paced stuff on our first album ‘Far Q’.”

The Rock Sound Top 10 so far...
04. Foo Fighters - 'Wasting Light’
05. Defeater - ‘Empty Days & Sleepless Nights’
06. Touché Amoré - ‘Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me’
07. Spycatcher - Honesty
08. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
09. Twin Atlantic - Free
10. Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

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