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Tom Morello Comments On First Ever RATM Concert Footage

The guitarist has a 'full recollection' of the band's debut performance.

Posted Tuesday, 23 August 2011 in



Tom Morello The Nightwatchman

The first ever Rage Against The Machine live performance was recently posted online (see above clip) and guitarist Tom Morello remembers the show well!

"I have seen a bit of clip and I have a full recollection of that show," he told Rock Sound recently "It was actually the first time we played in front of a public audience, we had done one show previously but that was a living room party so that filmed footage still qualifies as our first 'proper' show.

I remember when we started playing there was no one in the audience, it was just people walking back and forward on the way to lunch at Cal State Northridge. After an hour long performance we won over a couple of headbangers, which was a victory for us at that point in our careers!"

Morello releases his new album 'World Wide Rebel Songs' on Monday, August 29. For more head to

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